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Networked Cinema and Web Art

Jeannette Lambert Youtube Channel
Youtube channel featuring Jeannette's concert performances and internet films all in one place. Updated regularly

Jeannette Lambert @ Toraja International Festival
Youtube channel featuring concert footage from the Toraja International Festival in Sulawesi, Indonesia.  February 2014

Jeannette Lambert Interviews
Youtube channel featuring Jeannette's interviews with female improvisors and innovators, including Jay Clayton and Kali Z. Fasteau. They discuss ideas such as how improvised music can inspire one to improvise life, and how to balance life and art as a creative artist. October 2013

Sh*t Franglais Kids Say
Short comic film documenting some franglais phrases used by kids in Montreal, with Jennifer McMorran, March 2012.

Montreal Jazz Remix
A video remix of archival footage from Montreal with music featuring jazz trumpet player Herbie Spanier.  Created for the NFB Video remix contest June 2011.

Triple Cremation Ceremony in Ubud
Short travel documentary of rare triple cremation ceremony in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.  Part of Our Bali Journal (see Blogs). February 2011.

Behind the scenes short video of the free jazz group the Maikotron Unit featuring Michel Côté, Pierre Côté and Michel Lambert, 2010.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner, 10.10.10,
Short film for One Day on Earth, a globel film project featuring documentary footage all shot on the same day around the world.  Featuring music written and performed by the JTs, filmed in Montreal.

Bringing Liberation Day Home
A short video based around my family's personal stories during the liberation of Holland in 1945.  As I describe this family history to my children in Montreal we invent our own tribute so we can celebrate Liberation Day at home too, May 2009.  Created for the independent film project 
Who We Are for Kngfu Media and the National Film Board of Canada.

Short video around the recording "Spellbound", performed by Jeannette Lambert, vocals, based around the poem by Emily Brontë, from the album "Unclouded Day", Ayler Records, Sweden. Combines Jeannette's photos with footage from the recording session at Loho Studios in New York, 2008. 

Sand Underfoot
Seven minute short improvised film and experiment in low-tech to accompany the improvised music of the same name.  Filmed in the Laurentians using a digital still camera. Published on the cd, Sand Underfoot, featuring poetry by Jeannette and special guest Paul Bley on piano,  2006.

where are you from? d'où viens-tu?
Web cinema that explores themes of identity, memory, geography and heredity. Autobiographical films are interwoven with orginal poetry, music and animation as a response to the question of the title. Awarded funding from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

    - NTT InterCommunication Center, Future Cinema exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, Decmber 03 - February 2004
    - Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Future Cinema exhibition, Helsinki, Finland, June - September 2003
    - ZKM Center for Art and Media, Future Cinema exhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany, November 2002 - March 2003
    - the Irish Museum of Modern Art open intervention, March 2002.
    - selected for Links/ligações/Liaison conference for VIROSE at Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves in Porto, Portugal, November 2001.
    - Ars Electronica Cyberarts festival, Linz Austria, September 2001.
    - Premiere at Women's Art Resource Centre in Toronto for a collaborative exhibition with artist Agatha Schwager, June 2001.

Lone Jack Pine
Experimental digital video short combining jazz, art and poetry.

    - ZeD, national t.v. broadcast, January 2003.
    - Seoul Net Festival, Seoul, Korea, November 2001.

Midwinter Ballad
A short digital video for the collaborative digital cinema experiment, Story Streams. Three films with a shared narrative are created in three cities, Montreal, Paris, and Mexico City and mixed live online to create a fourth film. Themes of urban alienation, rites of passage, city as body, are all explored in Midwinter Ballad. For Screen Arts Media. 

    - Story Streams Live Webcast, Streaming Cinema 3.0, Philadelphia, February 2003.
    - Chiangmai New Media Festival, Thailand, April 2003.

As Saturn Sweeps Past
An electronic poem/slideshow. Autobiographical hand-coloured photos and a stream of consciousness poem are integrated through 
the use of Flash animation. The passage of Saturn causes one to pause and look back, while the images sweep ahead in cyberspace.

    - Featured at Adobe Online in November, 2000.
    - Screened on digital media website,, 2001.
    - ZeD, national t.v. broadcast, March 2003.

Sunset on St-Viateur
This project uses streaming video, poetry, and hypertext to celebrate urban energy. Filmed in Montreal, summer of 1999. 
This project was awarded financial assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts, New Media and Audio Artists Program.

    -Selected for the Bookmark Series, Forum des Images, ISEA, Paris, December 2000.
    - Presented at the Festival International Nouveau Cinéma Nouveaux Médias in Montreal, October, 2000.
    - Selected for d>art 00, Australia, June - July, 2000.

Givre (frost)
A short internet film evoking the silent films from the beginning of the last century, based around the jazz song of the same name. Shot in black and white Super 8 film in the picturesque small village of St. Michel de Bellechase along the St. Lawrence River. 

    - ZeD, national t.v. broadcast, February, 2003 and March 2004.
    - Presented by DruidMedia, at the net.congestion festival in Amsterdam, October, 2000.
    - The Bit Screen in June, 2000. Streaming Cinema at the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema in May, 2000. Streaming Festival in Seoul, Korea.

A musical/hypertext project, with animation, javascript and streaming Real Audio.

    - trAce , international online writing community, Nottingham, U.K.
    International anthology, addressing time and digital revolution
    "'My' Millenium", July 1999.

One Night in Greenwich Village
With original graphics, javascript and streaming Real Audio sounds recorded in New York, May 1998.

    - Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan
    1998 exhibition Art on the Net "Beyond Language Barriers"
    - Nomads à Washington D.C.
    "Open Spaces/Linked Locations", November 1998
    - Rhizome Artbase: Archive of Internet Art

Diary of a Mystic Detective
Award-winning online dream and coincidence diary, one of the first online journals, before the invention of blogging, 1997-98.





Photography for the Vancouver Island Regional Libraries
Photography for cd album art, Jazz from Rant
Photography for the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation


Cd cover for Reg Schwager, Delphinus, 2015.
Brochure design for Lunched Booking and Management, 2015.
Cd cover for Michel Lambert, Journal des Episodes, 2013.
Cd cover for Reg Schwager, Arctic Passage, 2013.
Cd cover for Reg Schwager, Trio Improvisations, 2012.
Book design, Our Yucatan Summer, 2012.
Cd cover for Reg Schwager, Duets, 2011.
Photo book layout, Timbuktu, 2010.
Book design, Our Bali Journal, 2011.
Cd cover for Sand Underfoot, 2006.


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