Lonely Universe: Biography

lonely universe

Since its inception in 1988 Lonely Universe has been on the cutting edge of contemporary music. The group, known for its appearances at Canadian Jazz Festivals as well as presenting annual concerts at the Music Gallery in Toronto, recorded its first CD in Germany for CMP, Creative Music Productions, with Michel Lambert, drummer, and Michael White, trumpet, joined by Mick Karn, former bassist for the British band Japan and American guitarist tone-poet David Torn. This self-titled release received rave reviews throughout Europe, North America and Japan.

After producing Himh, rant 9202, a dynamic live recording, Lonely Universe augmented their forces for their compact disc "à la plage", rant 9313, expanding to a small orchestra. In addition to Michael White and Michel Lambert, this album features Jeannette Lambert voice, Perry White saxophone, Rob Piltch and Reg Schwager guitars, Hugh Marsh violin, and Dianne Aitken bass flute. They produced a première concert at the du Maurier Theatre Centre in Toronto to celebrate this release.

The repertoire also expanded to include the poetry and melodies of Jeannette Lambert, described as "enigmatic, streetwise poetic statements" by Toronto's jazz critic, Geoff Chapman.

Lonely Universe was invited to participate in the compilation created by the Canada Council for the Arts celebrating the United Nations 50th Anniversary. Their opening selection from "à la plage" entitled "Anchor" is included in the boxed set, and the compilation itself is illustrated with original paintings by Michel Lambert.

"Together these musicians are making some of the finest music in the world" (Jazz City Festival).


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